Softworks Inc. has been developing software for U.S. government offices and the private sector since 1984.  Our integrated suite of programs have the ability to be run stand-alone or interfaced with the other modules.  A central data area provides shared information among the various systems.  You can begin with one or a few modules and rapidly bring on others due to the shared data and program interfaces.  


Project and constituent complaint tracking begin with our Pavement Management/Work Order (Estimates)  and Response Log Modules.  Labor, Material and Equipment costs are maintained in our Daily Crew Worksheet Module.  This module provides accountability for all your infrastructure costs.  The Fleet Maintenance Module adds the ability to know all work done and required on your equipment/vehicles.  Enter or Import your Fuel Usage from an Automated Fuel System (Gasboy/Petrovend etc.).  The Garage and Parts Inventory Module keeps you on track with all your consumable inventory.  The Sign Maintenance, Culvert/Bridge Maintenance, Guardrail Maintenance Modules provide accountability for your Road Inventory. The Budget is controlled with the Government Accounting System.  The Payroll Management System contains all your Payroll information, along with employee balances for sick, vacation, comp, holiday and bonuses.  Receivables and Walk In Sales are handled by the A/R-Receipt Management Module.  Fixed Asset Inventory contains all your non-consumable Inventory.  With the Time Management Module, you can  get detailed information regarding schedules and allow quick time sheet entry by employees.  The Ohio Accident Statistics Module offers highway crash information that can be downloaded from the Ohio Department of Public Safety and analyzed in this system.  

Our company is one of the few software companies that will provide custom modifications to our existing systems for your office. We offer training seminars, on-site installation and training and phone/ e-mail support. Our products are upgraded on a regular basis. The maintenance agreement option for our customers allows software upgrades to be "shared" with all maintenance agreement customers. Our customers are "hands on" in advancing the products. Softworks' goal is to make our products better and better by using the valuable input from our customers.  


Steve & Kim Miller 

Owners, Softworks Inc.

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