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Current/Upcoming Project List


Updated 02-08-18


Please check our calendar for upcoming seminars: CALENDAR Please give us a call or e-mail if you have additional suggestions.  E-MAIL See Completed Enhancements * Note – Blue items are completed. Go to project list for…

All Applications

  • Display a portion of all MEMO fields on Browse screens so operator can see contents of mem
  • Add auto fill capability where applicable (Account Code, Vendor Name etc.)
  • Optionally  save Report Selections (Selection Screens)
  • Add password protection to all System menus

Response Log

  • Reports – Change Date format to 99/99/9999 (06/27/17)
  • Add option to SPELL CHECK memo portions of Response Log record
  • Retrieve History – Add option to retrieve by Name

Pavement Management


Fleet Maintenance

  • System Variables Form – Add DEFAULT Labor Rate (regular and overtime) for Billing (10/31/16)
  • Job Entry Form – A/R Billing Interface – Add option to choose DEFAULT Labor Rate or mechanic’s rates (10/31/16)
  • Job Entry Form – A/R Billing Interface – Add option to add material mark up percentage to parts billing (10/31/16)
  • Job Entry Form – A/R Billing Interface – Add INVOICE DESCRIPTION (10/31/16)
  • Job Entry Form – Parts Pop Up – Add F9 pop up for selecting parts from Cost Table File/Inventory Master File…file not chosen on System Variables form  (10/31/16)
  • Maintenance Menu – Add option to remove duplicate records from Standard Parts File (11/01/16)
  • Index Data Files – Sort Standard Parts File by Vehicle/Part so standarad parts appear in part order in Inventory Master File (11/01/16)
  • Job Entry Form – Update cost of standard part when adding parts to standard parts file (if already there) 11/01/16
  • DATE field popup (calendar) – Change DEFAULT to current date (11/03/16)
  • Maintenance Menu – Retire a Vehicle – Add Option to Update Fixed Asset Inventory File for those that also have vehicles in Fixed Asset Inventory File (11/09/16)
  • Vehicle Master File – Added ‘Salvage Value’ field (07/07/17)
  • Vehicle Master File – Added ‘As Of’ date field for Present Value (07/07/17) 
  • Maintenance Menu – Add option to recalculate ‘Present Value’ in Vehicle Master File (07/07/17)
  • Vehicle Master File Reports –  Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 30-Equipment Depreciation Ledger as new report type (07/07/17)
  • Vehicle Cost Analysis Reports – Add  Indiana County Highway Form No. 28C-Equipment Operating Expense- MVH Cost Distribution Ledger as new report type -Columns will consist of first 9 Custom Classifications – No. of Hours and No. of Miles retrieved from Daily Crew Worksheet, along with Daily Crew Worksheet Project.  Description will be printed in Project Column for Fleet entries.   (09/25 /17)


  • Job Entry – Add new Sort Order (Vehicle and Descending Date (newest first) to Browse (01/08/17)
  • Job Entry – Add ‘SELECT ALL PARTS’ button to Standard Parts Popup form.  Click this button to add ALL Parts on the Standard Parts List to the Current Work Order (can currently select one at a time).
  • Job Entry – If OILCHG Maintenance Code is on Work Order, prompt or automatically change “P.M. Check?” to “Y”.
  • Vehicle Master File Reports – Add Report Date to Selection screen (default is current date) – Print this date on reports
  • Job File Reports – Add Mileage to all reports
  • Vehicle Cost Analysis Reports/Job Reports – Add total number of JOBS to report summary
  • Summary with Gas Analysis – Add BEGIN AND END HOURS, along with BEGIN AND END MILEAGE

Garage and Parts Inventory

  • Garage Requisition Form and Report – Add Core Charges and Date Core Charges Returned fields (10/10/16)
  • Receipt Transaction File – If BAR CODE field is blank or Inventory Item has been selected, do not attempt to find part (10/31/16)
  • DATE field popup (calendar) – Change DEFAULT to current date (11/03/16)
  • Manufacturer Parts File – Add direct access to Manufacturer Parts File – new menu option to add Manufacturer Parts (linked to Inventory Master File) (11/21/16)
  • Inventory Master File Reports – Add Manufacturer Parts Report – Lists all Inventory Items and Associated Manufacturer Parts (11/21/16)
  • Manufacturer Parts Report – Prints only Manufacturer Parts (11/21/16)
  • Low Quantity Inventory Report modified – Additional filter added for selected records – MAXIMUM QTY must be > 0 (02/01/17)
  • Bar Code Labels – Added Custom 4″x2″ label (03/08/17)
  • Garage Requisitions Form – Populate APPROVED BY field with USERNAME when cursor placed in BLANK field (3/20/17)
  • Transaction Reports – Receipt Reports – Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 31B-Inventory Receiving Report as new report type (07/06/17)
  • Transaction Reports – Usage Reports – Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 31C-Report of Materials and Supplies Issued as new report type (07/06/17)
  • Inventory Master File Reports –  Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 31A-Perpetual Inventory Record as new report type (07/06/17)
  • System Variables Form – Add option to Update Completion Date of Requisition when APPROVED (11/16/17)
  • Maintenance Menu – Physical Inventory – Enter Physical Inventory Counts – Procedure simplified…PHYSICAL INVENTORY DATE is entered once on Selection Screen.  A new field added for entering new physical inventory counts. This field will be blank, rather than containing the previous count.  The previous count will be displayed beside the new count (12/15/17)


  • Receipt Transaction File – Update Vendor Name/Number when Receipt entered (01/02/18)
  • Add Pictures page to Inventory Master File
  • Create Log of Changes made to Inventory Items or Inventory Item Cost when using Form 10 or Form 11. Add report option for changes made.
  • Physical Inventory Entry – Create entry form where DATE needs to be entered one time (rather than for each item)


(Daily Crew Worksheet)

  • Maintenance Menu – Add option to Change Project Code in Detail File for selected date range (10/19/16)
  • Road Master File Pop Up – Modified so Township is not replaced if already entered (10/19/16)
  • System Variables Form – Add DEFAULT EMPLOYEE (11/01/16)
  • Employee Pop Up – Disable Employee Pop Up if DEFAULT EMPLOYEE exists (11/01/16)
  • Project Code File – Add ROAD SECTION and TOWNSHIP (11/07/16)
  • DWS Entry – Do not overwrite equipment hours with ENDING – BEGINNING IF equipment hours are entered (11/07/16)
  • DWS Reports – Add SECTION as PRIMARY SORT option (11/28/16)
  • System Variables Form – Add DEFAULT WORKSHEET NUMBER – When assigned, program will display only DWS Time Entry Form and will allow access to only one worksheet and one employee-Created for time entry by employees (12/10/16)
  • DWS Time Entry menu – Change logic from 12/10/16 – Limit Time Entry menu when DEFAULT EMPLOYEE entered (abandon default worksheet).  Time Entry menu will allow entry in Project Form or Detail Form format – Employee is limited to only entries for default employee (12/18/16)
  • DWS Project File – Add PRINT TIME SHEET option (12/18/16)
  • DWS Project Reports – Print MATERIAL’S SUPPLIER, along with DESCRIPTION when SORT or SUBTOTAL by Material (02/15/17)
  • DWS Project Reports – Add SURFACE WIDTH to Project Reports when subtotal is ANY CHANGE IN ROAD LOCATION (02/15/17)
  • Employee Rates File – Add (X)DOT regular and overtime percentage (04/20/17)
  • DWS Reports – Add option to print reports with PAYROLL RATE Plus (X)DOT Percent and DWS RATE Plus (X)DOT Percent (04/20/17)
  • DWS Project Reports –  Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 28A-Cost Distribution Ledger – Allocated Costs as new report type (07/05/17)
  • DWS Entry – Replace Equipment Ending Hours with Equipment Beginning Hours plus Equipment Hours (if Equipment Ending Hours is not entered).  Vehicle Master File is updated with Equipment Ending Hours (08/15/17)
  • DWS Cost Table File – FEMA 2017 Equipment and Rates can be added to your Cost Table File or Vehicle Master File… 09/14/17
  • Project Reports-Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 29-Employee’s Time Allocation Record – This report lists one employee per page with hours broken down by Work Code in Fourteen Day Columns. (10/02/17)
  • Work Code Table File – Add Flag for “Construction, Reconstruction, or Maintenance of Highways” – Used by new Report – Employee’s Time Allocation Record (10/03/17)
  • Work Code Popup Selection Screen – Add new Highway Flag (10/09/17)
  • DWS Reports – Retrieve Work Order description only when Work Order is not blank (11/15/17)


  • Maintenance Menu – Add option to Create A/R Records – A/R records could previously only be created from the Worksheet.  PROJECT CODE, WORK ORDER and TOWNSHIP ranges added to Selection Screen (12/12/17)
  • DWS Entry – When Equipment Hours default to Employee Hours, add OVERTIME HOURS (12/13/17)
  • Add option to select Work Order Amount on Report Selection Screen …  “Include Work Orders >= Selected Amount”
  • Add Utility Protection Number to Worksheet (currently Utility Protection Number is on Work Order-Pavement Management)
  • Add pictures to Worksheet Entry  (currently pictures are on Work Order-Pavement Management and Response Log)
  • Increase size of LENGTH field in Road Master File – increase decimals to 4
  • Add menu option to Sort Worksheet Detail by Date so detail records are displayed in that order using Project Form (Form 1)
  • Add option to update Equipment FEMA rates
  • Road Master File – Add ENDING HOUSE NUMBER
  • Road Master File – Add option to Import file from Internet Web Site
  • Road History File – Add SURFACE TREATMENT field with popup
  • Sign Interface – Add option to Import Sign Labor (Maintenance and Inspection entries)
  • Employee Rates File – Add RATE DATE for those using this file without Payroll.  Payroll update should populate RATE DATE, along with RATE.

Sign Management

  • Sign Master File – Determine SORT ORDER required for correct sequencing of Sign records on Road, using LATITUDE/LONGITUDE values
  • Maintenance menu – Add Data Synchronization option for synchronizing laptop data with main system.
  • Sign Master File – Add Legend Reflectivity (11/14/17)

Culvert/Bridge Management


Guardrail Management

  • Guardrail File – Add ENDING LATITUDE and ENDING LONGITUDE (05/02/17) 

Payroll Management

  • Export procedure for Software Solutions modified – Always Code Overtime as Pay Code “O” – previously had to be different pay type (11/02/16) 
  • Export procedure for Software Solutions modified – Include COMP EARNED as Pay Code “COMPEARNED”  at zero RATE (11/17/16) 
  • Export procedure for Software Solutions modified – Change OVERTIME Pay Code to “OVERTIME” (was ‘O’)  and OVERTIME RATE to REGULAR RATE (11/29/16)
  • Export procedure for Software Solutions modified – POLINE is always 1 – program previously incremented number for voucher entries on same p.o. (11/02/17)
  • Employee Master File – Add FMLA (family medical leave) BEGIN DATE
  • Maintenance menu – Add option to Archive Leave Requests
  • Add new Employee Master File Report that includes ALL liability (add BONUS/PERSONAL and COMP TIME – format as Sick and Vacation Liability)
  • Employee Balances – Add MAXIMUM COMP HOURS
  • Add easier way to track DONATED Sick Leave – Currently can track sick leave donated  through PAY TYPE – To increase SICK LEAVE BALANCE for receiver, donated sick leave is entered as EARNED in OVERRIDE column, using memo to specify donator
  • Maintenance menu/Create Transaction Records for a new Pay Period – Add option to retrieve labor information from Fleet Maintenance.
  • Expand Sick and Vacation Balances to hold up to SIX decimal places

Government Accounting

  • Purchase Order Entry – Add Shipping Charges and Core Charges to Garage Requisition when Garage Requisition Retrieved (10/10/16)
  • Invoice Entry – Add Shipping Charges and Core Charges to Garage Requisition when Garage Requisition Retrieved (10/10/16)
  • Cash Reports – Add Date Range Selection to top of Reports (11/02/16)
  • Cash Reports – Cosmetic Improvements – Format dollar values (11/02/16) 
  • Invoice Transaction Reports – Add VEHICLE as SORT OPTION (12/02/16)
  • Expenditure Account Master File – Add IN Unallocated Cost Category Field (A-F) for grouping expenses on County Highway Form No. 28B-Cost Distribution Ledger-Unallocated Costs (07/06/17)
  • Expenditure Account Master File – Add IN Allocated Cost Category Field (A-E) for grouping expenses on County Highway Form No. 28A-Cost Distribution Ledger-Allocated Costs (07/07/17)
  • Voucher Transaction Reports – Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 28B-Cost Distribution Ledger-Unallocated Costs as new report type (07/06/17)
  • Voucher Transaction Reports –  Add Indiana County Highway Form No. 28A-Cost Distribution Ledger – Allocated Costs as new report type (07/07/17)
  • Transaction Reports – P.O. Reports – Add P.O. Detail Report showing P.O. Adjustments (08/22/17)
  • Voucher Entry – Retrieve Remittance Address from Vendor Master File (if it exists) 08/29/17
  • Expenditure Account Popup Selection Screen – Add new Allocated and Unallocated Category fields (10/09/17) 


  • Voucher Export-Software Solutions-modified so vendor number is five digits with leading zeroes (10/23/17)
  • Vendor Name Popup –  Add option to SORT/SELECT by Vendor Name OR “Previously Known As” (12/12/17)
  • Add Indiana Tax Exempt Form as new report format – Vendor Master File Reports
  • Invoice Data Entry – Do not prompt the operator more than once to change amount of Invoice if ‘No’ is chosen once.
  • Voucher form – When Vendor is entered, display COMPLIANCE DATE on form
  • Invoice Data Entry – Display warning if another record exists with same Invoice Number and Vendor.
  • Vendor Master File – Increase field length of EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Envelope Print – Add Envelope Print option (like LABELS)
  • Vendor Popup – Display ADDRESS
  • Voucher Transaction Reports – Vendor Reports – Add TOTAL DOLLARS as Sort option
  • P.O. popup selection – If ACCOUNT has been entered, display only purchase orders for that account
  • Receipt Transaction Entry – Display TOTAL RECEIVED on data entry form
  • Increase field length of Account Number
  • Departmental Code File – Add SORT OPTION (Description or Code) to Browse, Report and Popup

 Fixed Asset Inventory

  • Add TYPE table file for maintaining INVENTORY types. Add popup selection capability

A/R-Receipt Management

  • Payment Entry – Make DESCRIPTION 1 of Government Accounting Receipt Entry COMMENTS from A/R Payment Entry…Description 2 is PREVIOUS  “A/R Payment…” message…These two fields were switched so entered COMMENTS shows on Cash Reports in Government Accounting System (01/09/18)

 Time Management

Ohio Crash Statistics

Address Management

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