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  • Project Management/Complaint Tracking

    Project Management/Complaint Tracking

    Response Log/Pavement Management/Work Orders

  • Fleet Maintenance/Consumable Inventory

    Fleet Maintenance/Consumable Inventory

    Fleet Maintenance/Garage and Parts Inventory

  • Road Costing/FEMA Tracking

    Road Costing/FEMA Tracking

    Daily Crew Worksheet/Sign/Culvert-Bridge/Guardrail

  • Government Financial Systems

    Government Financial Systems

    Payroll/Accounting/Fixed Asset Inventory/Accounts Receivable-Receipt Management

Who we serve

Our software is a great fit for:

  •  County Engineers and Highway Departments 
  •  Streets & Sanitation 
  •  Public Works 
  •  County Offices 
  •  State, County & Municipal Courts 
  •  Fleet Services 
  •  City Services 
  •  Township Roads Department 
  •  Law Enforcement 
Response Log This system enhances the organization of incoming phone calls or mail to your office, allowing you to prioritize work orders and complaints. Read More
Pavement Management/Work Orders This system maintains all projects and work orders as well as the budgeted costs of labor, materials and equipment. Budgeted costs can be compared with actual costs. Read More
Fleet Maintenance This system tracks maintenance costs from labor, parts, or outside service as well as the fuel usage for all vehicles and equipment. Read More
Garage and Parts Inventory The main function of this system is to maintain consumable parts and material inventories by tracking any and all transactions. Read More
Daily Crew Worksheet This system assists the Road and Street departments with managing and tracking road maintenance costs. Customized data entry screens make it user-friendly. Read More
Sign Management This system allows you to keep inventory of your signs on and off the road. You can evaluate that inventory in detail, so you know when it needs to be replaced. Read More
Culvert-Bridge Management This system allows you to efficiently maintain inventory featuring GPS and geo-coded photos. Export inventory files to spreadsheets and maps. Read More
Guardrail Management This system maintains guardrail inventory and uses GPS to locate exact points of need. Using geo-coded photos, the inventory can be made clear and user-friendly. Read More
Payroll This system allows your office to maintain employee payroll information, including employee demographics, benefit balances, pay history and ytd totals. Read More
Accounting This system maintains the budget, tracking funds, accounts, purchase orders, vouchers and invoices. The system is efficient, as it interfaces with various other Softworks' systems. Read More
Fixed Asset Inventory This system allows for maintenance and reports of all depreciable inventory items and your office’s miscellaneous notes regarding the items. Read More
Accounts Receivable This system controls the inflow of money to your office. The system includes reports on account analysis, A/R aging reports, and records of all transactions. Read More