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Current/Upcoming Project List


Updated 09-12-19


Please check our calendar for upcoming seminars: CALENDAR Please give us a call or e-mail if you have additional suggestions.  E-MAIL See Completed Enhancements * Note – Blue items are completed. Go to project list for…

All Applications

  • Display a portion of all MEMO fields on Browse screens so operator can see contents of mem
  • Add auto fill capability where applicable (Account Code, Vendor Name etc.)
  • Optionally  save Report Selections (Selection Screens)
  • Add password protection to all System menus

Response Log

  • Retrieve History – Add option to retrieve by Name

Pavement Management


Fleet Maintenance

  • Standard Job Entry – Add VEHICLE to form and option to PRINT Standard Work Order (Right Click from Work Order Page) 11/04/18
  • Vehicle Master File Reports – Selection Criteria Page – Print TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE on Selection Criteria Report (11/06/18)
  • Job Entry – Add ‘SELECT ALL PARTS’ button to Standard Parts Popup form.  Click this button to add ALL Parts on the Standard Parts List to the Current Work Order (can currently select one at a time).
  • Job Entry – If OILCHG Maintenance Code is on Work Order, prompt or automatically change “P.M. Check?” to “Y”.
  • Vehicle Master File Reports – Add Report Date to Selection screen (default is current date) – Print this date on reports
  • Job File Reports – Add Mileage to all reports
  • Vehicle Cost Analysis Reports/Job Reports – Add total number of JOBS to report summary
  • Summary with Gas Analysis – Add BEGIN AND END HOURS, along with BEGIN AND END MILEAGE

Garage and Parts Inventory

  • Add Pictures page to Inventory Master File
  • Create Log of Changes made to Inventory Items or Inventory Item Cost when using Form 10 or Form 11. Add report option for changes made.


(Daily Crew Worksheet)

  • Employee Rates File – Add FEMA REGULAR and OVERTIME RATE, (X)DOT REGULAR and OVERTIME RATE and IN HOUSE REGULAR and OVERTIME RATE (for those who do not use benefit percentages) 10/19/18
  • DWS Reports – Allow selection of FEMA RATES, (X)DOT RATES and IN HOUSE RATES 10/19/18 
  • DWS Reports – Print PROJECT DESCRIPTION, along with PROJECT when SORT or SUBTOTAL on Project Code (11/08/18)
  • DWS Reports – Add PAY TYPE as SORT/SUB TOTAL 1/24/19
  • Worksheet Report – Add TOTAL REGULAR and OVERTIME HOURS (03/14/19)
  • DWS Reports – Change DEFAULT beginning log numbers to negative numbers (03/15/19)
  • DWS BROWSE – Add Default Employee Selection Range (03/15/19)
  • Maintenance menu – Add option to export DWS Detail File to Excel with Date Range Selection (04/26/19)
  • Maintenance menu – Road Location Maintenance – Update DWS Detail File with Road Information – Add beginning and ending log point to fields updated (08/26/19)
  • DWS Entry – Store Work Code Description in VENDOR NAME field of Detail File (08/30/19)
  • Add option to select Work Order Amount on Report Selection Screen …  “Include Work Orders >= Selected Amount”
  • Add Utility Protection Number to Worksheet (currently Utility Protection Number is on Work Order-Pavement Management)
  • Add pictures to Worksheet Entry  (currently pictures are on Work Order-Pavement Management and Response Log)
  • Increase size of LENGTH field in Road Master File – increase decimals to 4
  • Add option to update Equipment FEMA rates
  • Road Master File – Add ENDING HOUSE NUMBER
  • Road Master File – Add option to Import file from Internet Web Site
  • Road History File – Add SURFACE TREATMENT field with popup
  • Sign Interface – Add option to Import Sign Labor (Maintenance and Inspection entries)
  • Employee Rates File – Add RATE DATE for those using this file without Payroll.  Payroll update should populate RATE DATE, along with RATE.
  • Road Master File – Calculate LENGTH when BEGINNING LOG POINT and ENDING LOG POINT are entered.  Calculate ENDING LOG POINT when BEGINNING LOG POINT and LENGTH are entered.

Sign Management

  • Sign Master File – Determine SORT ORDER required for correct sequencing of Sign records on Road, using LATITUDE/LONGITUDE values
  • Maintenance menu – Add Data Synchronization option for synchronizing laptop data with main system.

Culvert/Bridge Management

Guardrail Management

Payroll Management

  • Payroll Export – Added Export for MUNIS 11/21/18
  • Payroll Transaction Entry – Send WARNING when Personal Time Balance is Negative (09/12/19)
  • Employee Master File – Add FMLA (family medical leave) BEGIN DATE
  • Maintenance menu – Add option to Archive Leave Requests
  • Add new Employee Master File Report that includes ALL liability (add BONUS/PERSONAL and COMP TIME – format as Sick and Vacation Liability)
  • Employee Balances – Add MAXIMUM COMP HOURS
  • Add easier way to track DONATED Sick Leave – Currently can track sick leave donated  through PAY TYPE – To increase SICK LEAVE BALANCE for receiver, donated sick leave is entered as EARNED in OVERRIDE column, using memo to specify donator
  • Maintenance menu/Create Transaction Records for a new Pay Period – Add option to retrieve labor information from Fleet Maintenance.
  • Expand Sick and Vacation Balances to hold up to SIX decimal places
  • Add Interface for Offered Overtime and ‘Create Payroll Transactions’.  If Offered Overtime is Accepted, create Overtime records.

Government Accounting

  • Previous Year Files – Invoices – Display PDF file location (10/10/18)
  • Expenditure Account Master File – Enlarge TYPE field from 3 to 10 characters (will accommodate Indiana LOCATION) 11/06/18
  • Expenditure Account Master File Popup – Add sort options for ACCOUNT, DESCRIPTION and TYPE (11/06/18)
  • Voucher Entry – Display warning if entry made for duplicate VENDOR and INVOICE (11/06/18)
  • Voucher Entry – Enlarge COMMENTS field  from 100 to 200 characters (11/06/18)
  • Vendor Master File Report – Include only ACTIVE vendors (01/11/19)
  • Vendor File – Add Voucher Custom Code…If entered, voucher entries for the vendor will default to that Custom Code
  • Add Indiana Tax Exempt Form as new report format – Vendor Master File Reports
  • Invoice Data Entry – Do not prompt the operator more than once to change amount of Invoice if ‘No’ is chosen once.
  • Voucher form – When Vendor is entered, display COMPLIANCE DATE on form
  • Vendor Master File – Increase field length of EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Envelope Print – Add Envelope Print option (like LABELS)
  • Vendor Popup – Display ADDRESS
  • Voucher Transaction Reports – Vendor Reports – Add TOTAL DOLLARS as Sort option
  • P.O. popup selection – If ACCOUNT has been entered, display only purchase orders for that account
  • Receipt Transaction Entry – Display TOTAL RECEIVED on data entry form
  • Departmental Code File – Add SORT OPTION (Description or Code) to Browse, Report and Popup

 Fixed Asset Inventory

  • Add TYPE table file for maintaining INVENTORY types. Add popup selection capability

A/R-Receipt Management


 Time Management

Ohio Crash Statistics

Address Management

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