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01/27/14 Not to worry … Our new website is coming soon!

08/24/12 Documentation can be downloaded from our web site–>>Downloads. We are currently exploring new technologies and will be discussing these at the seminars to be scheduled in the near future.

04/20/12 Documentation for all modules is currently being updated. Due to the constant program changes/upgrades during the last few years, the documentation has become outdated. This documentation will be made available to our current customers and will assist us in the next major upgrade of all the systems.

11/30/11 Congratulations to Sharon Fortman of Putnam County, Ohio and Brooke French of Greene County, Indiana. They are the door prize winners from the 2011 seminars. It was great to see all of you that made it to a seminar. For those of you that didn’t make it, we hope to see you next year:) Happy Holidays!

09/07/11 Seminars have been scheduled for October and November, 2011. We look forward to seeing you then.

07/26/11 The FEMA Reports available in Daily Crew Worksheet have all been updated to the most current format.

07/22/11 We are creating new videos for each of the programs–>> Sign Asset Management Overview

06/30/11 All customers with a current Maintenance Agreement should have received a new installation CD-ROM. It is not necessary to reinstall all modules you are currently using. Before downloading future updates, you WILL need to reinstall Response Log, Sign Management, Culvert-Bridge Management and Guardrail Management due to the new GPS features. Please contact us if you did not receive a CD-ROM.

06/20/11 New installation CD-ROMS are being mailed to all customers with a current Maintenance Agreement, along with the new password for update downloads.

04/09/11 We have been working on firming up the interfaces in Daily Crew Worksheet with Road Inventory and Fleet Maintenance. Look for changes in the Sign Management Module as we are currently adding new functionality with GPS/GIS.

11/30/10 Happy Holidays:). We are currently adding the Culvert Inspection Form to the Culvert-Bridge Management Module.

11/17/10 The door prize winners from the 2010 seminars are Doug Crabtree of Harrison County, Ohio and Marc Fisher of Noble County, Indiana. Congratulations to Doug and Marc!! 09/05/10 Seminars have been scheduled for 2010–>> Softworks, Inc. Calendar We look forward to seeing you soon.

06/09/10 All Government Accounting Reports now have the XLS report output option … Working on Payroll Reports.

05/26/10 We are currently adding the ‘CREATE XLS File’ button (Excel Worksheet) to the remainder of the reports in the Government Accounting System:)

11/16/09 It was wonderful seeing you all at the seminars this year:) As usual, we received a lot of great ideas and had fun also. The door prize winners this year are Brenda Willis of Lake County, Ohio and Gwen Warford of Brown County, Indiana. Congratulations to this year’s door prize winners and thanks for your input and assistance in continually upgrading our software.

12/17/08 Happy Holidays! Congratulations to Owens Tolbert of Defiance County (Ohio) and Noralee Housman of Elkhart County (Indiana). They are the prize winners of the recent seminar door prizes. It was great to see you all at the seminars and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming years:)

03/28/08 The password on the Downloads page has been changed. Customers with a current Maintenance Agreement have been mailed a memo with the new password. CD-ROM updates are being mailed to customers with a current Maintenance Agreement. We are currently modifying all the popup forms with SORT BY buttons. The SORT BY field will be listed first in the popup window so the operator can navigate quicker when selecting records from the form.

01/03/08 We are currently upgrading all modules to Visual Foxpro 9.0 Service Pack 2. Maintenance Agreement Customers will receive a CD-ROM update when the new version is released. 12/20/07 Congratulations to Jenny Mace of Pickaway County (Ohio) and Wanda Beck of Dubois County (Indiana). They are the door prize winners from this year’s seminars. Happy Holidays!

10/22/07 Wow! We are getting a lot of good ideas at the seminars. It’s going to be a busy year!

09/11/07 Seminars have been scheduled. Please check the calendar—>>> Calendar We hope to see you soon 🙂

08/06/07 We have spent the last few months preparing PowerPoint Tutorials for all our software modules. Seminars will soon be added to the calendar. We are planning to schedule the seminars for early fall:)

04/25/07 Working on Daily Crew Worksheet enhancements:)

04/24/07 In addition to working on the new Permit module, we are currently updating the existing systems with the list of suggestions for enhancements received throughout the year.

12/07/06 Congratulations to Tim Sharp of Wayne County (Indiana) and Lisa Berry of Brown County (Ohio). They are the door prize winners from this year’s seminars. Happy Holidays to all of you and happy 17th birthday to Sarah Katherine Miller:)

10/31/06 It was great to see you all at the seminars this year:) We got a lot of great ideas that you will soon see on the Current/Upcoming projects list.

09/28/06 Happy 19th birthday Nicholas William Miller :)))

09/13/06 Please bring your ideas regarding PERMIT TRACKING to the seminars. We have a skeleton program prepared and are looking for some good suggestions. Thanks:)

08/29/06 The DEERCREEK Seminar has been rescheduled. It will now be on Tuesday, October 31. It was previously scheduled for October 9, 2006 (Columbus Day).

08/28/06 Training seminars have been scheduled —>Calendar and invitations have been mailed. We hope to see you there:)

08/09/06 All Visual Foxpro 9.0 Upgrades have been mailed. If you are currently running Version 7.0 and are a current Maintenance Agreement customer, you should receive the FREE update. Seminars are now being scheduled. We will post the dates and send invitations as soon as the arrangements are finalized:)

07/31/06 Visual Foxpro 9.0 Upgrades are being mailed now. You must install the upgrade from the CD-ROM before downloading any updates from the web site for the Visual Foxpro 9.0 programs. We are hoping you will have a chance to review the new programs before attending the upcoming seminars. Future enhancements will be made only to the Visual Foxpro 9.0 programs. We will be contacting you soon with seminar dates.

05/12/06 Address Management has been converted to Visual Foxpro. We are currently in the process of modifying report selection screens to include optional output to PDF files that can be e-mailed, as well as working on the Current/Upcoming Enhancements. The next update that will be mailed to customers with the Maintenance Agreement will be Visual Foxpro 9.0. Seminars will be scheduled in the near future and will begin late summer.

02/08/06 We will soon be upgrading all our Visual Foxpro 7.0 applications to Visual Foxpro 9.0. This will be a FREE upgrade for customers currently running the Visual Foxpro 7.0 systems with a Maintenance Agreement. The Visual Foxpro 9.0 version offers enhancements in reporting that will allow us to create HTML reports that can be e-mailed.

12/15/05 Updates have been mailed for the Visual programs. The Year End Close procedure was modified on 12-14-05 in Government Accounting System. Please make sure your Release Date (HELP/ABOUT) is 12-14-05 (or newer) in Government Accounting System (Visual Version only) before running your Year End Close.

12/01/05 Congratulations to Barb Miller of Vanwert County (Ohio) and Dennis Brewer of Fayette County (Indiana). They are the door prize winners from this year’s training seminars. Visual updates will be mailed in December. We will be scheduling more seminars in 2006. HAPPY HOLIDAYS :)))

11/22/05 As we bring more users on board with the Visual programs, the data structures are changing on a regular basis. A new program has been added to the DOWNLOADS page (DATAUPD.EXE). This program will update and index ALL data files. Previously, the data structures needed to be updated in each individual program (System Update and Index Data Files) when a data file was changed. This new program will update and index data files used by ALL systems.

10/02/05 Fall Seminars have been scheduled. Please check the calendar. We look forward to seeing you all 🙂

08/26/05 Address Management is currently being converted to Visual Foxpro.

08/05/05 We are currently working on converting all the Custom Forms (Purchase Orders/Vouchers) in the Government Accounting System in the new Visual program. If your office is planning to upgrade in the near future and you have a custom form that we print on, we would greatly appreciate receiving a stack (10-20) of your forms so we can test the alignment of the forms. Fall Seminars will be scheduled soon :>)

06/09/05 The Government Accounting System has been completed in Visual Foxpro and is currently being tested by Softworks, Inc. This program will be release to a FEW Government Offices in the near future for Beta testing.

05/18/05 Hello to all at Hueston Woods. I’m sorry I missed seeing you and hope you have an enjoyable day :). Most importantly, take lots of breaks and have a nice lunch! The Accounting program will be ready SOON :)) and I look forward to seeing you all in the near future! Kim

05/09/05 We are currently completing the Government Accounting System in the new version. Please call, fax or e-mail your ideas for report enhancements. Beta test version will be available soon.

03/02/05 Visual Foxpro (Version 5) software updates have been sent. After several months of firming up and debugging the new Visual programs, we are once again back to the Government Accounting System. This is the last major system that will be rewritten in Visual Foxpro. The Receipt Management System has been added to the Accounts Receivable System, so you can now track receipts (walk-ins) in this system. After completion of the Government Accounting System, we will be writing a new application for tracking permits. Your input, as always, will be appreciated.

12/27/04 Happy Holidays! Foxpro 2.6 updates will be sent to Maintenance Agreement customers by request only. Year End Procedures have not been changed in the past year as we have been working on the new Visual programs. We will be sending updates to Maintenance Agreement customers throughout the year as pertinent changes are made. 12/03/04 Congratulations to Karen Kern of Preble County, Ohio and Radene Varvel of Putnam County, Indiana. They are our door prize winners from this year’s seminars.

09/09/04 Due to flooding, the Salt Fork seminar has been cancelled. Many of the roads in Guernsey County are closed. This seminar will be rescheduled.

07/30/04 The First Annual John Young Memorial Golf Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 18, 2004. If you are interested in participating, please give us a call and we would be happy to fax you the information. The tournament (scramble) will be held at Table Rock Golf Course in Centerburg, Ohio and will benefit Joan’s Fund for Head and Neck Oncology Research. The cost is $240.00 per 4 person team and includes golf, cart, lunch & donation. Please check our calendar for upcoming seminars—->Calendar.

06/16/04 Payroll Management has been completed in Visual Foxpro :))). The Government Accounting System will be available ASAP!

05/06/04 The Fleet Maintenance/Garage and Parts Inventory Systems are now available in Visual Foxpro :)) Payroll and Accounting are next in line. We will be scheduling Visual Training Seminars in the near future!

01/30/04 Thanks to Tina at Ottawa County, Ohio for providing us with the sample TXT file from the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The Ohio Accident (Crash) Statistics Module now includes an import procedure for the TXT file provided to you from the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Copy the TXT file to your hard drive and select the menu option to create the Oh-1 database. Data entry has been eliminated :).

12/16/03 Foxpro 2.6 updates have ALL been mailed. Happy Holidays!

11/26/03 Foxpro 2.6 updates are being prepared and sent to customers with a Maintenance Agreement. The Foxpro 2.6 updates will update your data files so they are compatible with the Visual applications. This is necessary for those of you that are using a common data folder for Foxpro 2.6 and Visual applications. The new Visual indexes are also now created in the Foxpro 2.6 applications.

11/06/03 Once again, it was a pleasure to see you all at this year’s training seminars :). As we discussed, we are currently focusing on completing our new Visual Foxpro programs. Fleet Maintenance, Accounting and Payroll are next in line for the new version. Demos of the completed modules have been sent to all customers and the 2003 Foxpro 2.6 Updates will be sent to Maintenance Agreement customers before the end of the year. Congratulations to Roxana Kuhn of Mercer County, Ohio, Anna McMahan of Kenton County, Kentucky, and Jill Cravener of Jasper County, Indiana. They are our door prize winners picked from this year’s seminars.

09/18/03 The Pavement Management Module has been upgraded to include estimates for House Bill 87 Force Account Projects. The Force Account Project Assessment Form (Estimate) can be printed as required by House Bill 87. This new system interfaces with the Daily Crew Worksheet System, enabling ESTIMATES to be compared with ACTUAL costs. We understand 2002 Ohio Crash Data will be sent by ODPS to all County Engineers on a CD-ROM in the near future. Data from 2001 should have already been received. We will be upgrading our system to import this data into our current Ohio Accident (Crash) Statistics software. We have received the file layout and are anxiously awaiting some sample data to test the new procedure.

09/07/03 While we have missed John Young during the past two years, he has been quite busy. —> John Young

08/28/03 A new module, Pavement Management, has been developed in Visual Foxpro. This module maintains Road Inspection/Work Order records and will interface with Daily Crew Worksheet. Please bring your inspection forms and ideas to the seminars as we would like your input on this new system.

07/07/03 A/R Management has been rewritten in Visual Foxpro. In addition to the existing interfaces available in Foxpro 2.6 (Daily Crew Worksheet/Garage and Parts Inventory), the new system optionally interfaces with Government Accounting System (Payment entry can create Receipt records).

05/21/03 The Daily Crew Worksheet System is now available in Visual Foxpro. Did you have a hard time determining which form to use in the Foxpro 2.6 system? Good news. Now you can design your own form. The new easy entry system will save tremendous amounts of time as YOU determine the order of the fields on the screen. You will be pleased to see all the features of the Foxpro 2.6 version AND LOTS MORE.

01/04/03 Happy New Year! It’s that busy time of year again. Please give us a call or e-mail if you have any questions regarding procedures for year-end. If your office has an active Maintenance Agreement, you should have already received your 2002 update CD-ROM. After installation, the date displayed on the front screen should be 10/20/02 or more current. If the date displayed is prior to 10/20/02, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you install the most current update. The 2002 Update CD-ROM for the Foxpro 2.6a version has been sent to all active Maintenance Agreement Customers. We are currently working on the Sign Maintenance Application conversion from Foxpro 2.6a to Visual Foxpro 7.0, as well as the new list of requests/modifications for the Foxpro 2.6a applications. Please check the Current/Upcoming Projects page for the status of each application. ————————————————————————————————————————————— Congratulations to Tina Molnar of Ottawa County (Ohio) and Rose Ella Edmonson of Greene County (Indiana). They are the door prize winners from this year’s training seminars. It was great to see so many of you at the training seminars. As usual, we received many good ideas for future program enhancements. We are currently composing the idea list that can be viewed here ——> Current/Upcoming Projects. Maintenance Agreement Customers will receive an update CD-ROM by 11-30-02. At the seminars this year, we introduced a few of our new Visual Foxpro 7.0 applications. Click here for Microsoft statement regarding Visual Foxpro–>Microsoft statement. While we have experienced no major problems with the current release (Foxpro Version 2.6 Windows) on any operating system, we feel it our responsibility to offer our products in the most current technology available. Unlike many software companies, we will continue to support the Microsoft Foxpro Version 2.6 release for our Maintenance Agreement customers. If/when you should decide to upgrade to Visual Foxpro 7.0, your data files from the Foxpro Version 2.6 Windows applications are compatible with the new Visual Foxpro 7.0 applications. We plan to make the transition as smooth as possible and will keep you advised of each application’s release in Visual Foxpro 7.0.


If your office requires CUSTOM reports (Purchase Orders/Vouchers/Payroll Reports) or functions, please contact our office and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. We currently offer over 40 CUSTOM Voucher and Purchase Order forms in the Government Accounting System, along with the generic prints. If you are still typing Vouchers and Purchase Orders on your required forms, please contact our office and we will be happy to help you print these directly from our systems. We can also assist you with custom import programs from any Automated Fuel System (Fleet Management) or Time Clock System (Payroll Management). Our ability to meet your SPECIFIC NEEDS is what sets us apart from other software companies.


Upcoming seminars will be posted on our Calendar as soon as they are scheduled.


The original Accident Statistics (Ohio Version) is now available in Visual Foxpro 7.0. This application was designed using the newest released OH-1 form. If you are interested in viewing a demo of this product, please contact us. We are hoping to offer a conversion program for downloading this data into our database. OHIO ACCIDENT STATISTICS Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming years.

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