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BUDGET (APPROPRIATIONS) or ACTUAL CASH can be tracked by this system. The Expenditure Account Master File maintains a list of Expenditure Accounts. Appropriations are maintained in this file, along with current balance information for each account. The Receipt Account Master File maintains a list of Receipt Accounts. Anticipated Amounts are maintained in this file, along with current balance information for each account.
CASH is tracked by FUND. The Fund Master File maintains a list of valid FUNDS. This file is used by the FUND field popup screen. If the CASH is from a Grant or other source that continues after the normal YEAR END, enter an ENDING DATE for the fund. This ENDING DATE will keep all transactions for that fund in the active files during the YEAR END procedure.
The Fund Transaction File maintains a list of actual cash transactions for the Funds. The BEGINNING BALANCE (Credit) for each fund should be entered in this file each year or when the FUND begins. Only transactions that can not be tracked be ACCOUNT (ex. investments, interest, etc.) should be entered in this file.
A FUND (use F10 to select from the Fund Master File) should be assigned to each account in the Expenditure Account Master File and Receipt Account Master File. When this is accomplished, all transactions can be traced back to a particular FUND. The transactions for accounts are entered in the Transaction Files. Invoices, Purchase Orders, Vouchers, Transfers, Receipts, and Appropriation Adjustments can be entered for each account. The Category List gives your office a means of categorizing/grouping Accounts for reporting purposes. Each Receipt/Expenditure Account can be assigned a category. The categories are maintained in the Category List and can be selected by pressing F10 from the category field on the data entry screens. The Cash Balance Ledger File will allow you to create a cash balance ledger (like a checkbook). Voucher entries are added to the Cash Ledger File when a voucher is added to the system. A running balance is maintained and updated for each entry in the file. This file must be maintained by the operator and is not required for use of the system.
This system was originally designed based on Appropriations; therefore, most reports are based on Appropriations. The CASH BALANCE REPORT (Budget Master File Reports) and the TRANSACTION LEDGER BY FUND (Budget Transaction Reports) are based on the CASH BALANCE of the FUNDS. The CASH LEDGER REPORT (Budget Transaction Reports) is also based on CASH. Many of the reports have the capability of sorting and summarizing by FUND.