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We welcome suggestions that will enhance the software at any time. When a suggestion is received, it will be placed on the Current/Upcoming Project List. As time allows, the suggestions will be reviewed for feasibility, practicality and the degree of benefit to all customers. There is no guarantee any suggestion will be added; however, a large number of our customers’ suggestions do become part of the software. Suggestions/requests that are determined to benefit the greatest number of users will receive highest priority. The Public Government Software Systems are currently in use in many types of government offices. It is our policy to never remove a feature/capability from the software. Fields may be enlarged or added, new reports may be produced and new features may be made available. These enhancements are offered to all participants of the Maintenance Agreement and may be downloaded from our web site at any time (Customer Downloads page-requires log in)

In addition to program enhancements originating from our suggestion list, Softworks, Inc. also provides custom programming for our customers. Custom programming requests may be done for Maintenance Agreement participants and will receive top priority. Programming will be completed at our current Maintenance Agreement hourly rate. An estimate of hours and an expected completion date will be provided to the customer upon request.

For Customers participating in the Maintenance Agreement:
When making a request/suggestion, please specify whether the request is a SUGGESTION you would like to have reviewed as time permits OR if the request is something you definitely want/need in a particular time frame. This information will help us prioritize our projects. Thanks for being valued customers:)