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Invoices received from vendors can optionally be entered in the Government Accounting System. Invoice entries do not update the balances in any of the other Accounting data files. It is not mandatory to enter invoices in this Accounting System. The VOUCHER entry reflects the actual expenditure. When entering a voucher, invoices can be selected to be paid for a particular vendor. Enter the vendor number (or select with F10 POPUP). Enter the Voucher Number (or press F10 to assign the next voucher number). Press <SELECT INVOICES> and all unpaid invoices for that vendor will be displayed. Enter the letter “Y” in the “PAY?” column to select an invoice for payment. If you are paying a different amount than the invoice amount, enter the amount you are paying under the “Payment Amount” column. When you have selected all invoices for this voucher, press CTRL+W to end the Invoice Browse. You will be prompted to confirm the Invoice Selection. Upon confirmation, the invoice records are updated with the Voucher Number, Account, P.O. Number, Payment Date, and Payment Amount. Now, you must confirm the entry of the Voucher record. After the voucher record has been added, you will choose from the following options:
Add Another Voucher to this Purchase Order
Start Another Purchase Order
If you choose “Add Another Voucher to this Purchase Order”, you will be electing to add another record to the Voucher File. The Account, P.O. number, Date, and Voucher Number will remain on the data entry screen. This information can be changed before adding the new voucher record, but is left on the screen so it does not have to be re-entered. If you choose “Start Another Purchase Order”, you will be electing to add another record to the Voucher File. This option will clear all fields for a new entry. Select “Exit” when you are finished entering vouchers.

Voucher Print
All voucher records with the same Voucher Number will be considered the same payment. A payment may consist of multiple voucher records (due to funds being taken from different Accounts and/or different P.O. Numbers). If Invoice records are printed on the Voucher, the Invoice records must also contain the Voucher Number. Your office’s custom voucher number can be found on the System Variables screen (System menu).