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Daily Crew Worksheet Updates


Due to recent conversations with some Ohio customers, we have added (X)DOT (meaning ODOT in Ohio) benefit percentages to the Employee Rates File.  The Employee Rates File also contains FEMA and IN HOUSE benefit percentages.  Labor can be reported by using the DWS RATE , PAYROLL RATE, PAYROLL RATE PLUS (X)DOT PERCENTAGE, PAYROLL RATE PLUS IN HOUSE PERCENTAGE, PAYROLL RATE PLUS FEMA PERCENTAGE or DWS RATE PLUS (X)DOT PERCENTAGE.

The DWS Rate may vary by employee in the Detail File.  When employees’ rates increase, the Detail File maintains the ACTUAL DWS Rate when the labor was done.  Many of our customers use a BENEFITED RATE as the DWS Rate.  Some use the ACTUAL PAY RATE as the DWS Rate.

If you have the need to print Daily Crew Worksheet Reports that reflect the ACTUAL PAYROLL RATE (not Benefited Rate) WITH ONE OF THE BENEFIT PERCENTAGES for a project that spans a period of time that may include Payroll Raises, you may want to use the ACTUAL PAYROLL RATE as your DWS RATE.  If you use a BENEFITED RATE as your DWS RATE and Pay Raises occur within a PROJECT, the most current Pay Rate will be used if you choose PAYROLL RATE as the Labor Rate to use on reports.  If your DWS Rate IS your Payroll Rate, you can run the reports using the DWS Rate PLUS (X)DOT percent and then the reports will reflect actual payroll rate fluctuations.  If you have previously used benefited rates as your DWS rates, you could create additional rate records with the actual payroll rate.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this:)


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